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PA-M412, matrični mixer z ojačevalnikom, 4-zone, 8 in / 4 out


Šifra: PA-M412, 0179290 Kategorija: Oznaka:


4-zone PA matrix mixing amplifier
120 W per zone
4 zones, can be controlled individually with 2-way tone control
Class D concept with a high efficiency to cut energy costs
4 adjustable mic/line inputs with 3-way equalizer and 24 V phantom power, to be activated as required
4 adjustable line inputs
Mute function for muting individual zones
Connection for external mute switch (all zones simultaneously)
Talkover (channel 1)
Adjustable monitor function
1 connection for zone paging microphone PA-M4RC
4 connections for wall module PA-M1WP
482 mm (19″) rack installation
4-zone PA matrix mixing amplifier, 120 W per zone.

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