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LD Systems DAVE 18 G4X BAG SET, set transportnih torb

LD Systems DAVE 18 G4X BAG SET

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LD Systems DAVE 18 G4X BAG SET

This set contains everything you need to transport your DAVE 18 G4X system safely and easily. Included are a castor board, a subwoofer protective cover, two satellite protective covers and a lashing strap. All accessories are perfectly matched to the DAVE 18 G4X system.

The padded protective covers made of durable and water-repellent 1680D nylon optimally protect the DAVE 18 G4X system from weather and other influences. The 8 mm thick lined protective covers are easy to put over and, together with the castor board, offer comprehensive protection. The reinforced cut-outs with Velcro flaps allow the system to be gripped and transported even with protection. The subwoofer’s protective cover has an outer pocket for stowing accessories such as mains and loudspeaker cables as well as the lashing strap.

The castor board made of 18 mm birch multiplex is particularly resistant and durable thanks to a polyurea coating. Thanks to the four 80 mm heavy-duty swivel castors, two of which have locking brakes, the system is easy to transport on the castor board.

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LD Systems DAVE 18 G4X BAG SET

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Product type
Accessories for PA systems
Type Transport set
Weight 10,37 kg

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