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LD systems MAUI 5 SAT BAG Prenosna torba za MAUI 5 satelite

Prenosna torba za kompletno ozvočenje LD systems MAUI 5 za zvočnie
Transport bag for LD MAUI 5 Columns

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Transport bag for LD MAUI 5 Columns

Made of abrasion resistant and water repellent ballistic 1680D nylon, the MAUI 5 column bag is designed for convenient transport and protection. It features a rugged heavy gauge zipper, an accessory compartment for cables etc. and thick 8 mm padding. The bag holds all three MAUI 5 column elements.

Product type: Transport bag available
Colour: black
Material: Nylon 1680D
Thickness of the padding: 8mm
Latch: zip
Width: 260mm
Height: 640mm
Depth: 260mm
Weight: 0.75kg, 0.75kg

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