Zidni nosilec za zvočnik Wharfedale Pro WPB 2


The WPB-2 is equipped for a wide range of Wharfedale Pro speakers and will work with other PA speakers which utilise a 35mm speaker pole input.

Zidni nosilec za zvočnike iz Wharfedale Pro Titan serije in Wharfedale Pro EVP serije.



Optimum Positioning, Secure and Safe

Wharfedale Pro WPB speaker brackets offer a range of universal PA and Wharfedale Pro speaker wall-mount solutions. Fitted both securely to the loudspeaker and the wall, your loudspeakers can be mounted around your venue whilst also being mounted at the optimum positioning through its rotating chassis.
  • Also compatible with universal PA speaker pole mounts
  • Available in black and white finish
  • Optimum loudspeaker positioning
  • Steel construction
  • Vertical and horizontal rotation

Compatibility Chart

  Titan 8 Titan 12 Titan 15 Programme SI-X EVP-X EVP-X MKII Vector Kinetic
WPB-2 x x x x x x x x


Install and Protect Your Wharfedale Pro Gear

We want you to get the most out of your Wharfedale Pro PA equipment – from keeping it safe during transportation and making sure its installed correctly in your venue. To make sure this is as it should be we provide a range of speaker brackets and covers, all of which are made to the same high quality standards of our hardware and will ensure you can enjoy Wharfedale Pro PA even more.

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