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Ojačevalnik – 120W, 100V DAP-Audio ZA-9120TU, 2 zoni


• 2 coni
• Predvajalnik
• Telefonski vhod
• USB na sprednji in zadnji strani

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DAP-Audio ZA-9120TU Zone – Ojačevalnik, 120W, 100V

The DAP ZA-9120TU is a 120Watt, 100V mixer amplifier with 7 selectable sources, 3 microphone inputs and 2 zones. All microphone inputs are equipped with phantom power and can also be selected as line input. An integrated speech filter can be applied to improve the audibility. It has 3 dedicated line inputs on the backside and a special easy access line/phone front input to connect mp3 players or mobile devices. It has a built-in USB audio player and tuner with a large LCD display which shows the active source, tuner information and ID3 tags. The built-in FM tuner can store 10 presets. The amplifier also has enhanced features such as, priority, chime with adjustable level, emergency input, ducking level control, loop through connection and an output which can be set as line output, music only or microphone only. Each zone also has its own line outputs to connect extra amplifiers and extend the PA system. The ZA-9120TU is the ideal easy to use one-in-all solution for medium size PA systems.

These amplifiers are designed for PA systems with applications such as announcement, intercommunication, background music and broadcasting in convention-halls, shopping centers, dining rooms, auditoriums and recreation areas. These desk top amplifiers have an integrated protective circuit to withstand overload or short-circuits of output. This results in very high reliability and easy installations without extra audio processors. It is a complete range from simple amplifiers till matrix amplifiers with built-in tuner and media player.

Dodatne informacije

Znamka / proizvajalec

Iskalnik na STRANI kljucne besede

Opis: Glavne značilnosti

Povezave / prenosi

Dodatne Informacije

Media player
Source: 2x USB type A, front/back
Supported files: MP3, Wav
Format: FAT32 up to 32Gb
Playback: Program, Repeat, Continuous

FM band: 87,5 – 108 MHz
Presets: 10
Antenna: 75Ohm

Speech filter: -3dB, 300Hz 6db/oct
Phantom power: 18V
Tone Control: Bass 100 Hz, treble 12 KHz, +/-12dB
Chime: adjustable volume
Ducking: adjustable suppression
PTT: Mic input 1
VOX: Mic input 2
Telephone input: Override all, terminal
Power supply: 230V AC
Back-up power supply: DC 24V
Power consumption: 250W
Power connection: IEC
Dimensions: 483x328x88mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 9 Kg

Multimedi predvajalnik:
: 2x USB tipa A, spredaj/zadaj
Podprte datoteke: MP3, Wav
Format: FAT32 do 32Gb
Predvajanje: programsko, ponavljajoče, neprekinjeno

FM pas: 87,5 – 108 MHz
Prednastavitve: 10
Antena: 75 ohmov

Fantomsko napajanje: 18V za kondenzatorske mikrofone
Nadzor tona: nizki toni 100 Hz, visoki toni 12 KHz, +/-12dB
Zvonec: nastavljiva glasnost
PTT: Vhod za mikrofon 1
VOX: Vhod za mikrofon 2
Telefonski vhod: Preglasi vse, terminal
Napajanje: 230V AC
Rezervno napajanje: DC 24V
Poraba energije: 250W
Napajalni priključek: IEC
Dimenzije: 483x328x88mm (ŠxGxV)
Teža: 9 Kg

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