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LD Systems AMP 106 T ojačevalnik

LD Systems AMP 106 T ojačevalnik
1-Channel Mini Installation Power Amplifier 60 W @ 4 Ohm / 70V/100V


LD Systems AMP 106 T ojačevalnik

Professional mini amplifier
60W Class-D amplifier with Lo-Z / Hi-Z selector switch between 4 Ohm / 100V / 70V outputs
Small format 1/4 19″ rack, 1U
Silent operation with passive cooling
Third-party connectivity for remote standby and volume control
External 100 – 200V power supply
Mounting plates for flexible inconspicuous installation, even above suspended ceilings
Auto standby to save power
Balanced line input and loudspeaker output with terminal strips
User-friendly front panel with signal, clip and protection LEDs
Optional rack tray for combining with other TICA® series products

Part of the TICA® series, AMP106T it combines of compact size, passive cooling, and high efficiency – ideal for a wide range of audio installation applications.
The 60W Class-D amplifier, can drive low impedance or 70/100V line loudspeaker systems.
It’s tiny 120 x 44 x 222 form factor and included mounting plates allow it to be installed discreetly almost anywhere; behind screens, under tables or even in in air-handling spaces and above plenum ceilings. Alternatively, it fits into ¼ 19 inch rack. Use the optional rack tray to slot up to four TICA® series products alongside each other and build a system to your exact requirements, using minimal rack space.
Terminal strip connections on the balanced line input and speaker output make wiring easy.
With remote control connectivity for third-party devices, you can adjust volume or put the power amplifier into standby mode at any time, even when it’s hidden. Optional auto-standby saves power when no audio is running.
The perfect solution for professional installers and users looking for a compact, highly efficient and easy-to-integrate solution.

LD Systems izdelkiLD Systems AMP 106 T ojačevalnik

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Tehnični podatki

Product type Installation power amplifier
Line inputs 2
Music sources 2 balanced stereo line inputs
Line outputs 0
Powered outputs 1 with output mode selector (Low-Z/High-Z)
Cooling Convection
Priority levels 1
Input area
Nominal input sensitivity 8.5 dBu (Sine 1 kHz, Gain max)
Nominal input clipping 18 dBu (Sine 1kHz, Gain 0dB)
Input connector 2 x 3.81mm Terminal Block 3-pin
Standby wake up threshold – 30 dBu
Amplifier Output
Type Class D
Amplifier Outputs High-Z: 70V or 100V outputs, Low-Z: 4 ohm minimum load
Connector 4 – pin terminal block (pitch 5.08mm)
RMS Power ( W ) 60 W (Continuous sine wave 1kHz, 4 ohm load)
Power ( Peak ) (W) 72 W (100 msec sine 1kHz Burst @ 4 ohm load)
Frequency range 15 Hz – 20 kHz (LO-Z, -1 dB), 20 Hz – 20 kHz (HI-Z, -1 dB)
High Pass Filter 110 Hz
Protection circuits DC, DC protection, over-current, short circuit, thermal overload, Undervoltage
Power Supply
Type1 External SMPS
Operating voltage 100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Secondary connector Terminal Block 5.08mm 2-pole
Primary Connector IEC
Idle power consumption 2 W (no signal input)
Standby power consuption < 1 W
Operating temperature ( non-condensing ) 0°C – 40°C; < 85% humidity, non condensing
General data
Time to Auto-standby 20 Min.
Dimensions (W x H x D) ( height with rubber feet ) 106 mm x 53 mm x 221.7 mm
Accessories Rack mounting hardware
Weight 1,3 kg

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