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Gravity BG SS 2 T B Transportna torba za zvočniška stojala

Gravity BG SS 2 T B Transportna torba za dve zvočniški stojali

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Gravity BG SS 2 T B Transportna torba za zvočniška stojala

The transport bag for your Traveler speaker stands

When travelling from one gig to another, whether by plane or truck, every gram counts. And you can’t always rely on the concert venue having exactly the tool you need.

To ensure that you always have your Traveler speaker stand with you and that it remains protected during transport, there is the carrying bag for the Traveler SP 5112 speaker stand.

The BG SS 2 T B carrying bag from Gravity® is an extremely robust, 15 mm thick padded carrying bag for two Traveler speaker stands and is made of water-repellent 600D nylon. Your Traveler speaker stand remains protected from scratches during transport. This is ensured by a padded partition inside the transport bag. In addition, all stress points on the transport bag are extra reinforced, comfortable carrying handles and two strong zips with a common pull ensure easy handling.
Once again, Gravity® gives you a useful product to complement your stand equipment that you can rely on.

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Gravity BG SS 2 T B Transport bag for two traveler speaker stands


Tehnični podatki

Product type Stands and Tripod Accessories
Type Transport bag
For number of stands 2
For type of stand Traveler speaker stand
Color Black
Material Nylon 600D
Thickness of the padding 15 mm
Latch Double zip
Width 700 mm
Height 110 mm
Depth 200 mm
Weight 1 kg

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