ARM-880WP2, Wall module

The system ARM-880… from MONACOR is a highly flexible PA solution for multi-room applications. It is ideally suited for applications in hotels, in restaurants and bars, in conference rooms, schools, sports facilities and fitness centres. Eight different audio sources, e.g. CD players, SAT receivers, radio programmes can be distributed to 8 output zones, assignment as required.

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ARM-880WP2, Wall module

Wall module, for remote control of audio matrix router ARM-880.
Intended application: remote control of 1 zone
Source selector switch
Level control
7-segment LED display
Connection to ARM-880 and power supply via RJ45 jack and Cat. 5 network cable. A separate power supply is required for operation with cable lengths of more than 50 m
Dimensions front panel: 86 x 86 mm
Supplied with robust flush-mounted metal housing

ARM880WP2, 0173840

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