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Kompaktni USB- DMX kontroler SUSHI-DS


  • 128 DMX kanalov
  • Napajanje preko USB -ja  Kompaktni USB- DMX kontroler SUSHI-DS

Primerna programska oprema: Sunlite, Suite 2004, Daslight DVC 1 and Easy Stand Alone 1

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Compact DMX controller

  • 128 DMX channels
  • Power supply via USB (supplied with cable)
  • Compatible software: Sunlite, Suite 2004, Daslight DVC 1 and Easy Stand Alone 1
  • Software available for download at www.dmxsoft.com
  • Transform your computer into a powerful lighting controller!
    Out of the box the SUSHI BeamZ Edition comes included with 12 channels (standalone) and 128 DMX channels (live/pc). The SUSHI-DS provides access to four different kinds of DMX software, namely: Sunlite Suite 2004 + Daslight Virtual Controller 1 + Lumidesk lite + Easy Stand Alone 1. The number of channels can be upgraded up to 512 directly from the webstore www.dmxsoft.com. Quick & easy, no need to return the interface. The SUSHI-DS is developed for the beginner light jockey.DMX interface with software
    Includes SUSHI BeamZ USBDMX interface
    DMX channels: 128 (expandable to 512)
    Stand-alone capacity with memory: 1,266 steps with 12 channels / 8 scenes
    Create your own fixtures with the Scan Library Editor
    Operating system: Windows (Mac OS is optionally available)
    DMX connector: 3-pin XLR
    Comes with free software (download) and USB cable
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