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Gravity FM SEAT 1 stol


Stol Gravity FM SEAT 1 ergonomsko zasnovan večnamenski stol za glasbenike, nastavljiva višina in naklon

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Gravity FM SEAT 1 stol za glasbenike

Long rehearsals or gigs usually mean hours of standing for musicians – whether on the microphone, guitar or other instruments. A flexible, comfortable standing aid ensures increased comfort, preventing early fatigue and relieving back strain. The standing aid FM Seat 1 by Gravity is suitable for universal use on stage, in the rehearsal room or at home while practising; for guitarists, bass players, pianists, string players, wind players and singers. It boasts several of Gravity’s special hallmark features.

Let’s take a look at the seat first: It has an attractive leatherette covering and can be tilted forwards or backwards at continuously variable angles.

Let’s move onto the adjustment options offered by this standing aid: The frame is made of solid steel and with a generous height adjustment range of 67 cm to 97 cm, a comfortable seating position can be achieved for any body height. The continuously height-adjustable footrest additionally reliefs the back while also allowing one or both legs to be rested.

  • Ergonomically shaped seat, adjustable height and tilt angleGravity FM SEAT 1 stol za glasbenike
  • Footrest with continuously variable height adjustment
  • Solid steel construction
  • Folds down conveniently
  • Vari®-Foot technology for leveling uneven floors
  • Seat made of leatherette
  • Optionally available backrest GFMBR1

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Tehnični podatki

Type Stool
Stand material Steel
Stand surface Powder-coated
Seat material Imitation leather
Height adjustment Locking clamp screw
Min. height 670 mm
Max. height 970 mm
Max. load capacity 100 kg
Seat colour Black
Weight 6,903 kg

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