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OMNITRONIC UWM-2HH USB Digital Wireless Sistem


OMNITRONIC UWM-2HH USB Digital Wireless  za priklop je pottebno predelat USB konektor !!!

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Sistemom PA preprosto dodajte 2 brezžična mikrofona

UWH-2HH USB je brezžični mikrofonski sistem v območju UHF 863–865 MHz. Komplet sestavljata 2 dinamična brezžična mikrofona s kardioidno karakteristiko in USB sprejemnik. Je praktičen dodatek k združljivim PA sistemom, kot je Po principu plug & play je sprejemnik preprosto priključen na vrata USB sistema PA in popolnoma samodejno seznanjanje odpravlja potrebo po dolgotrajni konfiguraciji.

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OMNITRONIC UWM-2HH USB Digital Wireless Sistem

Dodatne Informacije

The Samson XPD2 Headset system allows you to bring a wireless microphone to a variety of sound applications via its uniquely designed USB stick receiver. Offering simple setup, professional full-range audio and 100′ of wireless operation, the XPD2 Headset is perfect for live performances, digital communications and mobile productions.

Easy Addition

XPD2 combines incredible audio quality, simple operation and micro receiver technology makes adding wireless microphones to your audio production extremely easy and affordable.

More Ways To Connect

The RXD2 USB stick receiver connects directly to PC or Mac computers, or with any Samson Expedition Series Portable PA System that features a USB Wireless port. An added feature from the previous generation system, the 1/8″ (3.5mm) output allows for headphone monitoring or the XPD2 Handheld to be used with any device that has an analog line input, including smartphones and other mobile devices.*

*To connect to an iOS device you will need to use Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera adapter. To connect to an Android device, you will need a host OTG adapter.

So Why Wires?

XPD2 Wireless delivers high-quality audio using digital transmission. This type of wireless technology allows the transmitter to send an uncompressed signal to the receiver, so your audio will have greater signal-to-noise when compared to a traditional wireless system. The result is a performance that sounds as good as using a wired microphone.

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