Krmilna enota za konferenčne sisteme monacor systems

Krmilna enota za konferenčne sisteme CS-1CU

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The control unit , CS-1CU Kontrolna enota CS-1CU
the microphone station for the chairperson and the microphone station for conference delegates  together form a conference discussion system with extensive configuration facilities for maximum flexibility.

The control centre of the conference discussion system. The  allows to set up a system with up to 50 microphone stations and at the same time supplies their operating voltage.

  • Adjustable discussion modes (e.g. number of simultaneous speakers, speaking time limits, sole activation for the chairperson)
  • Built-in speaker and connection for optional headphones
  • Keypad lock
  • LCD for indicating date and time
  • Stopwatch
  • Test function for connected microphone stations
  • Connection facilities for optional units, e.g. external microphone, telephone coupler, signal processing units (e.g. equalizer), recorders, amplifiers, audio line sources

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