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Gravity TLS P 431 Stojalo za luči

Gravity TLS P 431 Stojalo za luči

Touring Distance Pole for GTLS431B / GLS431B / GLS331B
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Gravity TLS P 431 Stojalo za luči

ideal for rental and event organizer
Stabilizer sleeve for a better connection between base and pole
35 mm-extension tube with M10 inner thread
Automatic LockPin® locking system
Maximum height: 2.40 m

If you have to mount headlights or speakers under time pressure in the hard day-to-day touring routine, you are perfectly equipped with the stable distance pole TLS P 431. It is part of the Gravity® Touring series, which was especially designed for the high demands on stage.
The big advantage: Thanks to the automatic LockPin® technology, set-up is done faster, because the height adjustment lock snaps into place automatically and no additional pin is required.
The connection between base and pole has been additionally reinforced with a stabilizing sleeve to prevent any wobbling. With the 35 mm extension tube that has an M10 female thread on top, you can extend the stand up to 2.40 meters and it will remain stable.
The Gravity TLS P 431 is another practical way to make your everyday touring life easier, true to the motto: “Tours are yours”.

Gravity izdelkiGravity TLS P 431 Stojalo za luči

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Tehnični podatki

Product type Stands and Tripods
Type Lighting Stands
Tube material Steel
Tubing colour Black
Tubing surface Powder-coated
Min. height 1430 mm
Max. height 2400 mm
Transport length 1430 mm
Height adjustment Automatic LockPin®
Material of height adjustment Steel
Max. load capacity 25 kg
Weight 4,65 kg

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