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Gravity MA T TH 02 SET 1 Stojalo za tablične računalnike

Traveler tablet holder and microphone stand with round base

  • Primerno za vse tablice z zasloni od 7,3″ do 12,9″ in največjo globino 15 mm
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Gravity MA T TH 02 SET 1 Stojalo za tablične računalnike

  • Suitable for all tablets with 7.3″ to 12.9″ screens and a maximum depth of 15 mm
  • Ball joint for ultra-flexible alignment and 360° rotation
  • Suitable for all iPad models, Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface Pro, etc.
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Additional weight disc as accessory (article no. GMS2WP)
  • Easy to mount

Whether it’s on stage, in the studio, or at home, you’ll always have your tablet in the perfect position thanks to the MA T TH 02 SET 1.

Comprised of two top-selling Gravity stalwarts – the MA T TH 02 and MS 23 – this set allows you to quickly and easily position all standard tablets (which range in screen size from 7.3” to 12.3”) exactly where you need them.

The tablet holder’s mounting mechanism is easy to assemble, and the adjustable arms ensure that your tablet is always securely and safely attached in position. The handle of the MS 23 microphone stand – which offers smooth adjustment alongside rugged build quality – is made of highly durable ABS and covered with a non-slip soft-touch thermoplastic coating, ensuring particularly comfortable operation.

The MA T TH 02 SET 1 is compatible with VARIWEIGHT®: Gravity’s patented stability system for secure support and easy transport using insertable weighted discs.

Once again, Gravity provides you with a useful tool to safely support your valuable multimedia equipment.