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CC Mini-37 klaviatura


Miniaturna prenosna klaviatura, odlična za ustvarjanje na poti, na nastopih ali v studiu.


From now on you can express your ideas anywhere and anytime!

You are on the road a lot or just need a quick instrument at hand? If you’re looking for the perfect keyboard that’s always at your side, you’ve found it with the MINI-37

Small but oh my…
The MINI-37 is the optimal balance between “I can take it with me quickly” and “I can really make music on it”. With the 37 keys in mini format and the 32x polyphony, more demanding arrangements can also be implemented. It can even be easily transported by children. With the 10 keys you can select the most suitable of the 100 sounds quickly and intuitively, without having to search for a long time.

Accompanying rhythms and songs
A total of 100 rhythms accompany you while composing and provide you with the right basic framework for your ideas. Even beginners will get their money’s worth with the songs: the main voice can be muted, allowing you to practice the melodies for accompaniment.

USB-C port
The MINI-37 is powered either via USB-C or batteries. The matching cable is included with the keyboard, everyone has an adapter for the socket at home and that’s all you need. But the MINI-37 can do even more: if you connect the instrument to the USB port of a computer, it will be powered and send MIDI data to the computer. Using it as a MIDI controller allows you to play songs or use virtual instruments.

Regardless of power sockets
Now there’s no reason to leave your keyboard at home: The MINI-37 has a battery compartment for 4 AA batteries, which means that the piano can be operated anytime and anywhere. Whether on the couch, in the garden or on vacation – the MINI-37 is always with you.

The small keyboard for on the road

Morda vam bo prav tako všeč…