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Yamaha zaščitna torba za bas kitaro

Kvalitetna prenosna torba za bas kitaro

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Yamaha zaščitna torba za bas kitaroYamaha zaščitna torba za električno kitaro

Foam = high density 10mm foam
2 x pockets on front. 1. Bottom pocket (38cm x 26cm) Top Pocket. 2. (25cm x 18cm)
New RED Protection Racket silicone badge
AAA style handle (as used on AAA drum cases)
2 x plastic feet on base of case.
Padded ergonomic and breathable, fully adjustable shoulder straps.
1 x hanging D-ring (plastic) at top of case 1 x hanging (webbing) d-ring on front side of case by top pocket
Luggage tag on back of case at top.

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