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Yamaha MTX5-D Matrični mikser / signalni procesor, 16 kanalni


Matrix Mixer / Signal Processor

  • 8ch mic/line vhodov / 8ch analog izhodov
  • 16ch YDIF digital I/O
  • 16ch Dante digital I/O
  • SD Card Slot za predvajanje sporočil


Yamaha MTX5-D Matrični mikser / signalni procesor, 16 kanalni

Dodatne Informacije

Dante is the latest audio network technology from Audinate, designed to deliver multi-channel, uncompressed, low-latency digital audio to multiple locations over relatively long distances. Equipped with an on-board Dante port, MTX5-D processors can send and receive up to 16 channels of digital audio using a single Ethernet cable. MTX5-D processors connect easily to other Dante-enabled devices such as CL Series mixers or XMV Series power amplifiers, making system design and configuration much simpler for larger venues. MTX5-D processors offer further expandability via a MY card slot—easily adopting many other digital network and audio formats or processing capabilities such as AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and auto mixing.

Flexible external control

With DCP Series wall mount digital controllers, the MTX Series can control the volume and presets of multiple zones from remote locations. Up to eight DCP controllers can be linked together for a maximum of 200m length (the power is also fed through the cable) lending considerable flexibility to the installation process. The MTX Series is also equipped with a Network port that will offer compatibility with touch panel controllers such as AMX/Crestron, as well as GPI ports for general controllers, while users with iPhone or Android devices can download the newly developed Wireless DCP app for remote control your sound solution using the simple, intuitive operation of your smart device.

* Wireless DCP can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play at no charge.(Apple, iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.).

Two digital effect processors

The MTX Series comes equipped with two digital effect processors which are useful for entertainment applications— particularly party or banquet rooms. “Reverb” and “Echo” can be programmed easily using MTX Editor, eliminating the need for additional outboard gear.

Easy setup and parameter control with MTX-MRX Editor

MTX-MRX Editor is a software application that lets you to design your system and adjust parameter settings via an intuitive interface that follows a workflow based on the system’s configuration. MTX-MRX Editor also features optimized parameter presets for specific models of Yamaha speakers to maximize their performance.

Digital Control Panel – DCP Series

DCP controllers provide flexible external control of several functions such as preset recall, levels, and SD card playback. Three different models comprise the series featuring various configurations of switches and volume knobs. All three models are available in either US or EU standardized sizes, built to meet the specifications of most regions around the globe.

The ideal Digital Signal Processor for small to mid-size commercial applications

MTX Series processors come equipped with a variety of programmable features designed to maximize the performance of sound systems in commercial installations. With a focus on reliability and worry-free operation, functions such as Feedback Suppressor can automatically locate and eliminate acoustic feedback, while Auto Gain Control maintains a constant output level when input signals vary. For ancillary applications or environments that require public speaking, MTX processors feature a Priority Ducker function which automatically attenuates the output level a specified amount when the input signal from a separate sound source exceeds its threshold— as well as an Ambient Noise Compensator which adjusts system gain to compensate for fluctuating background noise levels. Combined with an onboard speaker processor for optimized speaker performance and sound quality, the MTX Series makes it easy to design and configure a complete audio system from input to output.

Newly developed digital audio transmission format YDIF

MTX processors feature the newly developed YDIF digital transmission format; a unique proprietary Yamaha technology that delivers 16ch audio and word clock transmission via standard CAT5 Ethernet cable. YDIF can be used for cascading multiple MTX Series or for feeding audio signal to XMV Series power amplifiers with very simple cabling up to 30 metres.

Versatile Input/Output configuration and SD Memory Card Slot for playback

The MTX Series feature an input/output configuration that is ideal for a wide range of applications: 8 mono inputs (mic/line), 2 stereo inputs (line) and 16 digital inputs via YDIF. The output side consists of 8 line-level mono outputs and 16 digital outputs via YDIF. MTX processors also feature an SD Card Slot for playback of MP3/WAV files stored on an SD Memory Card. The Event Scheduler function allows you to play back these files as music, announcements or chimes—or even trigger external devices with a GPI output—at scheduled times, as well as recall presets stored within the MTX.

On-board Dante network port and MY card slot offer expandability for larger installations (MTX5-D only)