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Pasivni subwoofer Wharfedale PRO Impact 18B


Neverjetna fleksibilnost, majhna teža, dostopna cena!

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Built to take an Impact

The Impact 18B is ready for whatever life on tour throws at it. The strong wooden cabinets are covered in a textured black paint to give a durable yet stylish finish, which brings a professional look to any sound reinforcement environment. The finish is extremely hard wearing and is leagues above any other carpet covered cabinet in the same price point.

Affordable Loudspeakers You Can Trust

Everything about the Impact 18B screams ‘Premium Product’, except for the price tag and we believe that you will find it impossible to find a better sounding loudspeaker for anywhere near this price point. Not only does the Impact series represent excellent value for money, it meets are stringent quality control standards. For both dedicated sound engineers and touring musicians gigging week after week, you will be able to put your trust in the Impact series.
Smo uradni pooblaščeni serviser v garancijskem in izvengarancijskem roku.
Garancija na: LD Systems, Cameo, Palmer, produkte kupljene v katerikoli trgovini v Sloveniji ali drugje v EU. Tel: 02 / 776 10 51