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Stojalo za klaviature, dvojno MKII


To stojalo za klaviaturo nudi vrhunsko stabilnost, zaradi česar je še posebej primerna za težke klaviature. V majhnih postopnih korakih je nastavljiv po višini, tako da je stojalo primerno za sedeče in stoječe položaje.


This keyboard stand with table-like construction offers superior stability making it particularly suitable for heavy keyboards. It is height-adjustable in small incremental steps, making the stand suitable for both seated and standing applications.

The legs can be fitted in two basic configurations – either perpendicular to the vertical structure or angled outwards slightly – the latter configuration offers additional stability and more leg room. The top rests can be adjusted to the width of the keyboard and can also be angled in small incremental steps over a range of 360 degrees. All in all, this solid steel construction comprises all features possible in such a design without compromise.

For transport, both the legs and the top rest can be folded inwards, resulting in a very compact transport height. The stand includes one Varifoot® leveling foot to compensate for ground irregularities.

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