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Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK mešalna miza


  • Integrated USB interface and included software make tracking to a computer simple
  • Lexicon effects processor gives you creative control of your sound
  • Analogue preamps and EQ taken straight from Soundcraft’s top of the line consoles
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Soundcraft Signature 12MTK

Getting analogue and digital technology to work together can feel like fitting circles into squares. Not anymore. Now the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK mixer accomplishes seamless integration of analogue components with digital technology like no mixer has before. Using the integrated 14-in/12-out USB interface you can add any compatible plug in as an insert on your input channels. It’s that simple.

As well as flawless DAW integration, the Signature 12 inherits a legacy of stunning analogue components which Soundcraft have been building for decades. Designing mixers isn’t just Soundcraft’s job. It’s their craft. Make mixing great music yours.

MTK stands for multitrack, and rightly so. It is the perfect mixer for multitrack recording. With a high spec audio interface integrated inside the mixer and an included copy of Ableton Live Lite, recording your mixes to a computer is as easy as can be.

The channel rundown goes like this:

  • Channels 1 and 2 are XLR + ¼-inch with dbx limiters switchable
  • Channels 3 and 4 are XLR + ¼-inch
  • Channels 5 and 6 are XLR + ¼-inch with Hi-Z inputs switchable
  • Channels 7/8 and 9/10 are XLR + stereo ¼-inch
  • Channels 11/12 are RCA and USB inputs (also the connection for USB multitrack) with three-knob, three-band EQ

All channel strips except for 11/12 have low cut filters. In addition to a stereo master section, there are two group buses that are separately assignable. These are handy for internal submixes. The most common example is setting up a drum submix. Image a four-mic array on a drum kit: kick, snare and two overheads, perhaps the classic Glyn Johns arrangement. With the 12MTK, I’d have the kick and snare on channels 1 and 2 to use the dbx limiters and the overheads on 3 and 4. Instead of routing these four strips to the master, they are routed to group 1-2. You’d make your gain and EQ settings on the channel strips as normal, but you’d control the overall level of the drum mix with the group faders. Group 1-2 would then be routed to the master channel. A nice touch, not something that’s always found on a compact mixer, and yet, still, there’s no hint of the extra faders crowding space.

At first I was a bit surprised at how few outputs there were on the 12MTK. XLR mains and ¼-inch group outputs are there, as are ¼-inch aux outputs, but that’s it. No direct outs, no control room outs. Then it occurred to me that the multitracking through USB kind of makes these a little redundant. The brain light bulb comes on. This board is meant for a computer audio home studio first and foremost. Those lack of outputs are a design choice as much as a component reduction measure. The 12MTK is still equipped adequately to handle live gigs, but it’s really meant to be a studio mixer.

Oh, cute little extra I haven’t seen elsewhere: a USB power slot. Charge your devices or plug in a USB gooseneck lamp to navigate the mixer in the dark. Nice touch. I can almost forgive the silly placement of the headphone jack for that.

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