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Soundcraft Signature 12 mešalna miza


  • High-quality console performance in a compact mixer
  • Lexicon provides you with studio-grade effects

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Soundcraft Signature 12 mešalna miza

Combining world-class sound quality with state-of-the-art features, the Soundcraft Signature 12 is a remarkable compact mixer. Utilizing the same circuit design as some of the best consoles in their history, Soundcraft has packed this mixer with their iconic Ghost mic pres, giving you extraordinary headroom, wide dynamic range, and remarkable clarity. You also get onboard British EQ, as well as built-in studio-grade effects from Lexicon and stellar-sounding limiters from dbx. On top of that, this feature-packed analog mixer provides you with 2 channels of USB connectivity, letting you create recordings of your shows right from the board. Loaded with premium-quality faders and flexible routing, the Soundcraft Signature 12 is sure to become a popular compact analog mixer.

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