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Palmer SUPREME SOAKER Analogni dinamični ojačevalnik

Palmer SUPREME SOAKER Analog Dynamic Tube Amp Hub

  • Enables the sweet spot of the amplifier to be used at any volume and even without a speaker for silent practice or recording
  • 6 Sound settings for the speaker
  • 6 Sound settings for the line out…
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Palmer SUPREME SOAKER Analogni dinamični ojačevalnik

  • Reactive attenuator and load box
  • Finely-tuned analogue speaker simulator
  • Speaker output with unique tone control
  • Microphone / line input (blendable with speaker simulator)
  • Front panel headphone output
  • Stereo FX loop
  • Front panel aux input
  • Balanced stereo XLR Line Outputs
  • Compatible with 8 and 16-ohm setups
  • Rated for tube amps up to 150 Watts
  • Amp protection circuit with permanent amp load
  • All analogue experience; no app required!

The Supreme Soaker allows guitar players to maximise the potential of their tube amps in a way that has never been possible – until now. As a reactive attenuator and load box with a finely tuned analogue speaker simulator built in, the Supreme Soaker allows guitarists to permanently dial in their amp’s sweet spot – at any volume – and it will quickly become their go-to device in any musical situation, from playing and recording at home to rehearsing with a band, and even playing live… without sacrificing one iota of their precious guitar tone.

Whether it’s for jamming at home, recording their own music or playing with others – or all of the above – the Supreme Soaker is the perfect way to do that, while keeping the guitar/amp signal pristine and analogue at all times.

Here are just some of the Supreme Soaker’s key benefits:

– Reactive attenuator and load box: dial in a tube guitar amp’s sweet spot at any volume, from zero (either by using headphones or recording silently) to room levels, to the boundaries of what’s acceptable noise-wise… with no speaker cabinet required!

– Finely-tuned analogue speaker simulator: tweak the guitar rig’s tone as necessary to reveal its ultimate tones – no need to mic up a cab ever again!

– Speaker output with unique tone control: shift the tonal palette of the speaker cabinet to conjure up new iconic worlds of sound.

– Microphone/line input (blendable with speaker simulator): blend a miked up cab with the Supreme Soaker’s speaker simulator for a supreme analogue sound experience.

– Front panel headphone output: perfect for silent practice any time inspiration strikes.

– Stereo FX Loop: for guitar players who love their FX pedals, the Supreme Soaker features a stereo FX Loop for creating otherworldly soundscapes with delays, reverbs and so on.

– Front panel aux input: for jamming along to backing tracks, or even playing to a click! It couldn’t be any easier with the Supreme Soaker.

– Balanced stereo XLR Line Outputs: when it comes to recording the sounds of a guitar amp, it doesn’t get any easier.

– Compatible with 8 and 16-ohm setups:works flawlessly with 99% of tube amps.

– Rated for amps up to 150 Watts: perfect for taming even the stadium filling full-size tube amp heads of yore! With the Supreme Soaker, every guitar player has a reason to dust off that full stack again!

– Amp protecting circuit with permanent amp load: never worry about plugging in an amp without a speaker connected again!

– All-analogue experience, with no App required! Perhaps most importantly of all, the Supreme Soaker is simple, direct and pure: the guitarist’s analogue tone is preserved at all times, and all the controls they need are on the unit itself, so they can focus on the most important thing: making music!

And that’s just the start. The Supreme Soaker will quickly become an indispensable tool for guitar players everywhere when it comes to their music making and creative endeavours. Its unparalleled tonal response, user experience and connectivity options are sure to make it the cornerstone of many a rig from now on – and family members, neighbours and audiences will thank Supreme Soaker players too!

Finally, for us – the Palmer team – this is the culmination of a long-term goal, the realisation of a decades-long dream in sound. We’ve been the industry leader in analogue tonal solutions for musicians and sound engineers for over 40 years. Now, building on the legacy of the award-winning PDI-09 and PDI-03 speaker simulators and the PDI-06 Attenuator and Load Box, our designers and engineers have applied their decades of experience to the development of the Supreme Soaker.

Tehnični podatki

Product type attenuator, DI box, Headphone Amp:, load box, Microphone preamplifier, power
soak, Re-amping device analogue, speaker simulator
Signal processing Analog
Front panel controls 7-Step Speaker Attenuation, Aux In Level, Hard/Soft Tone Selector, Line EQ (5
Voicings), Line Out Blend, Line Out Level, Mic Gain, MIC Tone, Phone Level,
Pre/Post Switch (Amp to Line Out), Speaker Tone (5 Voicings)
Rear panel controls Amp Load Impedance Switch, FX Level (Pro/Instrument), FX Loop Line Out,
FX Loop Re-Amp, GND/Lift, MIC/LINE Input PAD, Phantom Power, Polarity
Number of inputs 5
Input type Balanced, Unbalanced
Input connectors 3.5 mm jack, 6.3 mm jack, XLR
Number of outputs 6
Output type Balanced, Unbalanced
Output connectors 3.5 mm jack, 6.3 mm jack, XLR
Ground/lift switch Yes
Transformer isolated outputs Yes
Internal load impedance 16 ohms, 8 ohms
Minimal load in OFF status 16 ohms
Max input handling 150 W
Power attenuator 7-step
Voicing filter 5-step Speaker Tone and 5-step Line EQ
Indicators bypass, Full attenuation, input level, MIC-Signal/Clip, Output level, power soak,
thermal overload
Power supply + 9 V DC barrel jack – 1.5 A
Power supply polarity Center negative
Power connector 2 x 5.5mm
Maximum power consumption 13.5 W
Standby power consumption 0.3 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 334 x 108 x 274 mm
Weight 6,6 kg
Ambient temperature (in
– 20°C – 25 °C
Relative Humidity < 80 % ( non-condensing )


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