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MA-8120 Matrix Mixer+ ojačevalnik, 4x120W


Matrica Audio Signalov z ojačevalnikom

4 kanalna matrica za ozvočenje prostorov s 4 različnimi glasbenimi viri

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The DAP MA-8120 is a compact but powerful matrix amplifier with 8 selectable sources which can be connected to 4 independent outputs. All microphones are equipped with phantom power and also can be selected as line input. The first microphone channel has a talk-over function and a 3-way tone control. The gain levels for all inputs can be set at the backside which secures the system to nonprofessional operators.
On the front there is a speaker which acts as monitor and which can be used as PFL as well as AFL
A dedicated paging microphone with chime and zone select function are optional.
Furthermore the DAP MA-8120 can connect up to 4 external wall panels (optional) with which you can control the volume or connect an extra source (Line or Mic).
The DAP MA-8210 has four built-in amplifiers of 120W each. The volume of each amplifier can be controlled independently. Furthermore each output has a 2-way tone control and a mute function.
The DAP MA-8210 is the ideal all-in-one solution for your multi-zone installation which requires extended and complete control.


Dodatne Informacije


Power: 4x 120W
Zones: 4
Tone control: High: 10KHz, Low 100Hz +/- 15dB
100V or 70V: Terminals
Line output: Terminals
Loop through: N/A
Headphones: N/A

4x Mic/Line: XLR & Stereo Jack connectors
4x Line: RCA & Mono Jack connectors
Front input: N/A

Phantom power: +48V
Tone Control: Low 80 Hz, Mid: 2,5kHz, High 12 KHz, +/-15dB
Mic input: -60dB – -16dB / 20KOhm, Balanced
Line input: -20dB – +4dB / 20KOhm Balanced
Remote input: 0B / 600Ohm Balanced
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
THD: < 0,1%

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