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LD Systems MIBS Podstavek za konferenčni mikrofon XLR

LD Systems MIBS, namizno stojalo s stikalom za konferenčne mikrofone

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LD Systems MIBS Podstavek za konferenčni mikrofon XLR

The LD Systems MIBS is a switchable table stand with LED status indicator for flexible use in meetings, conferences, training and much more. With its sleek and elegant design, the MIBS, which features a robust die-cast zinc alloy, is suitable for businesses, educational institutions, conference centres, educational and administrative facilities or houses of worship.

The MIBS tabletop microphone base is compatible with all commercially available gooseneck microphones with XLR3M connectors and offers three operating modes: push-to-talk, push-to-mute and latch ON/OFF. The integrated active audio switching circuitry operates extremely quietly without disturbing the participants in the room.

The LED status indicator allows users to see at any time if the microphone is active. When the microphone on the MIBS is muted, the internal attenuation of more than 75 dB ensures that no unwanted information or noise is transmitted. Both the LED display and the active audio circuitry are powered by the 48V phantom power output from a mixing console or preamplifier for the microphone, so they do not require an additional power supply.

  • Active desktop microphone base unit for conferences, meetings and moreLD Systems MIBS Podstavek za konferenčni mikrofon XLR
  • Compatible with all gooseneck microphones with XLR3M connector
  • Integrated LED status display
  • 3 operating modes: Push-to-talk, Push-to-mute, Latch ON/OFF
  • Ultra-quiet active audio switching circuitry
  • >75 dB mute attenuation
  • 100 Hz low-cut filter
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Robust die-cast zinc alloy construction
  • Non-slip long rubber feet

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