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LD Systems DAVE 10 G4X Kompletno ozvočenje

Compact 2.1 powered sound system

  • 2 x 4″ Satelit
  • 1 x 10″ Subwoofer
  • Integrirana 6-kanalna mešalna miza z EQ in reverbom
  • Moč sistema (RMS):  340 W
  • Frekvenčno področje: 37 – 20000 Hz
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LD Systems DAVE 10 G4X je odličen zvočni sistem za tiste, ki iščejo močan, vsestranski in cenovno ugoden sistem.

Je kompakten in lahek za prenašanje, kar ga naredi idealnega za uporabo na različnih lokacijah.

  • 1 x 10-palčni subwoofer, 2 x 4-palčna satelita
  • 680 W moči (340 W RMS)
  • Integrirana 6-kanalna mešalna miza z EQ in reverbom
  • Izbirni vhod za mikrofon, Hi-Z ali linijske naprave
  • Digitalni SPDIF TOSLINK stereo vhod
  • Bluetooth sprejemnik
  • Kompaktna in lahka zasnova
  • Trpežna poliurea barva


  • Močan in čist zvok
  • Vsestranski in enostaven za uporabo
  • Kompaktna in lahka zasnova
  • Trpežna konstrukcija
  • Ugodna cena

Dodatne Informacije

  • Color Black
  • System output (RMS) 340 W
  • System output (Peak) 680 W
  • Max. SPL (continuous) 114 dB
  • Max. SPL (Peak) 120 dB
  • Frequency response (-10dB) 37 – 20000 Hz
  • Crossover frequency 110 Hz
  • Dispersion 100° x 60°
  • Weight 24,5 kg

Whether you’re a DJ, a live combo, a solo entertainer or at your next party, you need a sound system that can handle the daily grind of live performance – with professional sound for a variety of applications, with a wide range of connections and accessory options for quick setup on site, and with maximum reliability. In a nutshell, your sound system has to be at its best around the clock.

With the DAVE 10 G4X, your search is over. LD Systems has completely redesigned and fine-tuned the powered 2.1 sound system. All you have to do is set up the 10″ subwoofer and the two satellites with double 4″ speakers (total output: 680 W peak) and connect the equipment – and the sound will amaze you from the very beginning! With the integrated 6-channel mixer, you have all of your microphones, instruments and signals under control – and, thanks to integrated Bluetooth, you can also stream music wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet.

The first two channels of the mixer are designed as channel strips. Here, you can connect either a microphone, a high-impedance instrument – such as a guitar and/or bass – or line-level sources. A 2-band EQ for bass and treble, as well as an adjustable reverb with three presets (small, large, plate), are available for shaping the sound further. Channels 3 and 4 are designed as stereo line inputs and are suitable for keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines or small electronic drum kits.

The DAVE 10 G4X sound system becomes even more versatile when you use the digital SPDIF stereo input or the Bluetooth connection to connect a CD player, computer or smartphone. Need some backing tracks or sound effects for your gig, and want to run some music before the concert starts? No problem! The inputs (channels 5 and 6) can also be used for a karaoke system, or simply to connect a TV device in the sports bar for an impressive sound experience.

Speaking of impressive sound, the DAVE 10 G4X has been completely redesigned and developed from scratch. This not only benefits instruments and music, but also speech intelligibility when you want to use the sound system for lectures, speeches, or a panel discussion from time to time. The DAVE 10 G4X uses new dome tweeter and waveguides for homogeneous dispersion, as well as FIR filters and state-of-the-art DSP technology for a transparent, distortion-free sound – but also minimal air flow noise thanks to the optimised bass reflex system in the subwoofer.

The DAVE 10 G4X sound system is a 2.1 stereo sound system with two selectable stereo presets. Typically, you will place the two satellites to the left and right of the room, or on a stage. The classic stereo preset is intended for this purpose. For a particularly space-saving setup, however, the two satellites can also be mounted on a single T-stand above the subwoofer. Since the satellites are very close together in this case, interference is inevitable. For this purpose, there is a special preset (Cluster Mode) with a special M/S distribution to reproduce the stereo signal without interference. This way, you also get more headroom and directivity.

LD Systems has thought of all common applications when it comes to accessories. These range from transport bags, a trolley and the T-stand mentioned above, a pole-mount stand, or a wall mount for the satellite.


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