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In-Ear slušalke EarBombz H-Bombz



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Mind-bending, Studio-quality, In-ear monitors:

With highly responsive, 10mm transducers, H-Bombz deliver explosive highs, accurate mid-range, and earth-rumbling lows-achieving a perfect blend of full-spectrum audio-immersion.

Superior Noise Isolation and Unparalleled Durability:

Silicone tips fit your ears for the ideal acoustic experience under any circumstance while industrial-strength components and careful craftsmanship ensure long product life.

H-Bombz are carefully engineered for today’s technology: 

Tablets, smart phones, iPods™, computers, stage and studio in-ear monitor applications.

Microphone Included: 

Comes equipped with an in-line cell phone microphone for safety and convenience. Dual action microphone button allows for hang up and answer features as well as play and pause functionality.

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