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LD Systems ANNY® BP B6 – Bodypack Transmitter for ANNY®

  • Bodypack transmitter incl. 2x AA batteries
  • Up to 80 metres range
  • Mini XLR input
  • 8 hours operating time
  • Input level switch (MIC, 0dB, -10dB)
  • Standby mode
  • Integrated status LED
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The ANNY® bodypack transmitter with the B6 frequency band operates in the 655 – 679 MHz frequency range. Equipped with a mini-XLR input and input level switch, it can be used with both active and passive microphones and instruments. With an output power of 10 mW, the bodypack transmitter allows audio transmission up to 80 metres. The bodypack transmitter is easily and conveniently synchronised with the ANNY® receiver via infrared. Powered by two AA batteries (included), the ANNY BP can operate for up to eight hours without a battery change. A built-in status LED gives a white light when switched on and a red light when the battery is low. The power switch also provides a standby function for temporary muting, ideal for breaks in use without having to switch off the unit completely.