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Gravity MA T TH 01 držalo za tablične računalnike in telefone

Univerzalno držalo za tablice ali telefone od 7,3-12,3 Inch

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Gravity MA T TH 01 – Traveler Universal Tablet Holder

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Gravity MA T TH 01 držalo za tablične računalnike

Univerzalno držalo za tablice od 7,3-12,3 Inch

The universal tablet holder from the Traveler series
Every bit of weight counts when you’re travelling by plane or truck from one gig to the next. After all, you can’t always rely on the concert venue having the right tool available for you when needed. You can always take the MA T TH 01 tablet holder from Gravity with you on your travels, because it is so light and space-saving that you don’t have to worry about weight or storage space.With this tool, you can attach all common tablets – with screen sizes from 7.3 to 12.3 inches – to your microphone stand and align them flexibly.Its mounting mechanism is quick and easy to assemble and the adjustable arms ensure that your tablet is always stable and securely attached.

To ensure that your tablet never runs out of power on stage, the durable and lightweight design incorporates a handy adjustable pick-up that you can use as a power bank or even a smartphone holder. Gravity has once again delivered a small, useful and reliable product for you to round off your collection of stands.

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