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Elektro akustična kitara Classic Cantabile WS-10NAT-CE


Akustična kitara, lepe naravne barve z integriran pickupom, 3-pasovnim EQ (nizki, srednji, visoki) in modro osvetljenim LCD zaslonom. 

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The WS-10NAT-CE from Classic Cantabile in the popular dreadnought style with cutaway has a highlighted midrange, rich lows and silky highs. This acoustic guitar is a great instrument for beginners and advanced, who are looking for a reasonable, yet affordable second instrument. The WS-10NAT-CE convinces on the campfire as well as on the stage and as a rhythm guitar as well as a solo instrument. 

Professional features for stage use 
The WS-10NAT-CE is not only a great acoustic instrument, but it also has an integrated, active preamp. In addition to the volume control, it also has a convincing responsive 3-band EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble) and Presence control for the perfect tone. But that’s not all: the tuner with backlit LCD display allows the guitarist to tune rapidly – if necessary between two songs on a dark stage.

Jack/XLR output 
In addition to the 6.3 mm – jack output, the WS-10NAT-CE has a balanced XLR output on. Thanks to this ingenious feature it is possible to eg. go directly to a multi-core without a DI box between the switch. An almost loss-free signal transmission is possible even with long cables!

Cutaway body in high-quality workmanship
Thanks to its cutaway all high notes are very easy to reach, this makes this guitar great for playing solos.

Here there is only one option: grab it and play!


Decke Linde
Griffbrett Ahorn
inkl. Gigbag / Koffer Nein
Anzahl Saiten 6-saitig
Hals Birke
Cutaway Ja
Finish Hochglanz
Elektronik Ja
Farbe Natur
Set inkl. Zubehör Nein
Boden & Zarge Linde
Decke massiv Nein
Orientierung Rechtshändig
Boden & Zarge massiv Nein
Bauform Dreadnought

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