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Classic Cantabile US-100 Sopran Ukulele


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The Classic Cantabile US 100  has a painted  mahogany body and neck from selected Okoume wood. With the smooth guitar mechanics, tuning the ukulele is a breeze. The ukulele is fitted with nylon strings. Through the compact size it can be used perfectly as aa instrument for traveling, as it can very easily be placed in a backpack or gig bag.

Originally brought by the Portuguese immigrant Joao Fernandes 1879 Braguinha, a local form of the cavaquinho, from Madeira to Hawaii. There it got the name “”ukulele”” (jumping flea), which should reflect the impact of the Hawaiians at the sight of the rapidly moving fingers across the fingerboard of the instrument.

From Hawaii then came the ukulele over America to Europe and was also well received in the music scene.