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Cameo PIXBAR 400 IP G2 IP65 RGBW-LED Bar

Cameo PIXBAR 400 IP G2 IP65 RGBW-LED Bar

Zagotavlja izjemno svetilnost, natančno barvno mešanje in robustno konstrukcijo, ki jo naredijo idealno za vsako priložnost, ne glede na to, ali jo uporabljate v zaprtih prostorih ali na prostem.


Cameo PIXBAR 400 IP G2 IP65 RGBW-LED Bar

  • Simple and efficient interconection of up to 3 units with the optional STACK-KIT
  • Adjustable feet for truss-bracing positioning
  • Optional VERTI-MOUNT for standing or hanging application
  • Easy slide-in filter mechanism with locking mechanism
  • Fanless cooling design
  • High brightness and accurate colour mixing
  • SPIN16® included

Introducing the second generation of Cameo PIXBAR®-Series. With its sophisticated features and durable design, it is the ideal lighting option for any event, whether it is held indoors or outdoors. The PIXBAR® G2 models 400 IP or 600 IP are equipped with RGBW or RGBAWuV LEDs, IP65 certification, and well-thought-out accessories.

Whether hanging or standing, the optional connection system allows for a variety of creative designs and placement options creating unique lighting effects and set designs.

Up to three units can be connected vertically with the optional VERTI MOUNT and STACK KIT for a seamless and synchronized lighting effect. With the M20 adapter the new PIXBAR®-Series can be mounted on M20 threaded base plates. Truss mounting is also made easier thanks to the adjustable feet. All filters can be inserted quickly and easily using the slide-in mechanism of the filter rail.

Additionally, the IP65 LED bars operate quietly thanks to the fanless cooling system, while still ensuring a strong light output. SPIN16® adaptors are also included with each device. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your lighting game with Generation 2 of the PIXBAR®-Series.

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Garancija na: LD Systems, Cameo, Palmer produkte, kupljene v katerikoli trgovini v Sloveniji ali drugje v EU.

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Product type LED Bars
Type IP65
Colour spectrum RGBW
Luminous flux (lm) 6500 lm @ 6300 K; R: 2500 lm; G: 3600 lm; B: 570 lm; W: 5000 lm
Number of LEDs 16
LED type 4-in-1 LED
Lens 30 mm acrylic lens
Refresh rate 650 Hz, 1530 Hz, 3600 Hz, 12000 Hz, 18900 Hz, 25000 Hz
Dimmer resolution 16 bit, 8 bit
Dimmer curves Exponential, Linear, Logarithmic, S curve
Strobe 0 – 20 Hz
Color temperature 2200 – 8000 K
Colour rendering index (CRI) >84 Ra @ 5600K
Dispersion Beam Angle: 25 °, Field Angle: 42 °
Protocols DMX, EZ-Remote, Master / Slave mode, RDM, Standalone, Wireless
DMX input Wireless DMX, XLR 5-pin male IP65
DMX output Wireless DMX, XLR 5-pin female IP65
DMX mode 1-channel, 10-channel, 16-channel, 3-channel, 36-channel, 37-channel, 4-channel, 48-channel, 64-channel, 68-channel, 7-channel, D2-channel, D4-channel, D7-channel
DMX Functions Background Colour Macro, Background Colour Macro Crossfade, Background Colour Temperature, Background Dimmer, Background Dimmer Fine, Background RGBWA, Background RGBWA Fine, Background Strobe, Background Tint, Background UV, Background UV Fine, Colour presets, Colour presets Crossfade, Colour temperature, Device Settings, Dimmer, Dimmer Fine, DMX Delay (EZ-Chase), Grouping, Pattern Speed, Pattern Transition, Patterns, RGBWA + UV, RGBWA + UV Fine, Running Effect Pattern, Selection Folder, Strobe, Tint
Standalone modes Auto programs, Colour presets, Loop, slave mode, Static
System settings Auto Lock, Colour calibration, Dimmer Curve, Dimmer Response, Display Off Timer, Display Reverse, Load Default, PWM, Service, Signal Fail, Store Default, Wireless
Controls 4 buttons, Display
Indicators 2-row display
Protection class IP IP65
Ambient temperature (operating) -10 – 40 °C
Cooling Passive convection, fanless
Operating voltage 100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Max current 0.77 A @ 230 V, 1.62 A @ 110 V
Inrush Current Power 42 A
Max. power consumption 180 W @ 230 V / 110 V
Standby power consuption 9 W
Housing material Die-cast aluminium
Cabinet colour Black
Width 1018 mm
Height 205 mm
Depth 162 mm
Weight 11,8 kg

Navodilo za uporabo

Navodilo za uporabo. Povezava/ prenos (PDF)

DMX control table / Seznam DMX kanalov. VBV  Povezava/ prenos (PDF)

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