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Cameo OTOS® B5b Moving Head

IP65 Beam Moving Head

  • Stopnja zaščite IP65: Ohišje je odporno na prah in vodo, zato je primerno za uporabo tudi v najzahtevnejših okoljih na prostem.
  • Mešanje barv CMY: Oprema ima sistem mešanja barv CMY, ki omogoča ustvarjanje široke palete barv.


  • IP65 rated beam moving head with 480 W discharge lamp
  • 11,500 lux @100 m, 511,000 lux @15 m
  • High quality optics with 205 mm front lens
  • Continuous CMY colour mixing + 14 dichroic filters for saturated colours and whites
  • Particularly narrow beam angle of 1°
  • Static gobo wheel with 19 gobos + open
  • 3 rotatable and indexable prisms on two levels (overlapping)
  • Easy handling and low weight (33 kg)
  • Flexible control options via integrated W-DMX™ transceiver, DMX and RDM

Razor-sharp, dazzlingly bright beams still characterise the appearance of modern lighting designs. With the OTOS® B5, you can create these expressive looks on any indoor or outdoor stage. The IP65- compliant beam moving head is a light-intensive powerhouse based on a 480 watt discharge lamp and delivers an illuminance of 11,500 lux at 100m.

Via the high-quality optical system with 205 mm front lens, the OTOS® B5 shoots out its beams with an impressively narrow 1° beam angle and sets precise, assertive accents on concert and festival stages, in the context of outdoor events or in large TV show productions.

The effects section of the OTOS® B5 includes a static gobo wheel with 19 gobos + open and three rotatable and indexable prisms on two planes that allow you to create a variety of mid-air effects and add depth to your designs. You can also create a wide range of colours thanks to the CMY colour mixing and the additional colour wheel with 14 dichroic filters for particularly saturated colours.

Apart from the specific front lens, the housing of the OTOS® B5 is identical in construction to the IP65 hybrid moving head OTOS® H5, which ensures a harmonious appearance in the rig or even in the flight case when both fixtures are used together. In addition, the complete OTOS® series can be controlled via DMX, RDM and W-DMX™ (integrated transceiver). With a weight of only 33 kg, the OTOS® B5 Beam Moving Head is one of the lightest representatives of its performance class.

Dodatne Informacije


Type IP65, Moving Head
Number of lamps 1
Type Lamp Signify MSD Silver 480 W
Operating time of illuminant at
rated power
1500 Hours
Maximum lifetime of illuminant 3000 Hours
Color temperature 6800 K
Colour spectrum Cold white
Colour mixing function CMY
Colour rendering index (CRI) 77
Color wheel Number of colors 14 + open and continuous positioning
Number of gobos 19 fixed + 1 open
Effects 2x prism layers (Ovalizer + 24x linear + 8x circular), Light frost filter
Dispersion 1 °
DMX input XLR 5-pin male IP65
DMX output XLR 5-pin female IP65
DMX mode 17-channel basic, 19-channel standard, 23-channel extended
DMX Functions Colour wheel, Cyan, Cyan Fine, Dimmer, Dimmer Fine, Focus, Focus Fine,
Frost, Gobo Shake, Gobo wheel, Magenta, Magenta Fine, Multifunctional
Strobe, Pan/Tilt, Pan/Tilt fine, Pan/Tilt Macros, Pan/Tilt Speed, Prism 1/2, Prism
Rotation, System settings, Yellow, Yellow Fine
Standalone Functions Loop, Master / Slave mode, Quicklight, Scenes
System settings Auto Lock, Blackout functions, Colour/ Gobo wheel, Display Illumination,
Display Reverse, Feedback, Movement Blackout, Pan Reverse, Pan/Tilt
Speed, reset, Scroll / Snap, Signal Fail, Sleep Mode, Sun protection, Test, Tilt
Reverse, User default values
Control DMX 512, RDM enabled, W-DMX™ (Transceiver)
Controls Down, Enter, menu, Up
Indicators Illuminated 2″ TFT display
Operating voltage 100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Electrical protection class 1
Power consumption 700 W
Illuminance 11500 lx @ 100m, 4600000 lx @ 5m, 515000 lx @ 15m
Power supply connector PowerCON TRUE1 compatible
Protection class IP IP65
Ambient temperature (in
-15 – 40 °C
Housing material Magnesium
Cabinet colour Black
Housing Cooling temperature-controlled fan
Width 457 mm
Height 749 mm
Depth 335 mm
Weight 33 kg
Accessories (included) 1 m power cable, 2 x omega mounting


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