Cameo F2 FC G2, Professional High-Power Fresnel with RGBW LED

Theater Spot 240W, 17 ° – 53 °, Field Angle: 30 ° – 87 °

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Cameo F2 FC G2, Professional High-Power Fresnel with RGBW LED

Seamless colour temperature adjustment from 1,600 K to 6,500 K
Adjustable green-magenta correction
Brilliant colours and precise white tone adjustment
Continuous zoom for beam angles from 18° to 55°
Four selectable 16-bit dimmer curves with adjustable response
Highly efficient cooling thanks to a heatpipe and temperature-controlled fan
Control via DMX and RDM
Selectable pulse width modulation frequencies up to 25 kHz
Flicker-free and noiseless operation, ideal for TV, film, photography studios and theatre
Includes 8-way barndoor and gel filter frames

Brez migetanja, idealen za uporabo za snemanja
DMX nadzor, Master/ Slave in samostojna zmogljivost
30 Hz hitrostni strobe
LCD zaslon za enostavno konfiguracijo

Smo uradni uvoznik ter uradno pooblaščeni serviser v garancijskem in izven garancijskem roku za produkte Adam Hall, LD Systems, Cameo, Palmer, kupljene v katerikoli trgovini v Sloveniji ali drugje v EU.

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Dodatne Informacije

Product type
LED Fresnel Spotlight
Theater Fresnel
Colour spectrum
Number of LEDs
R: 18 PCS / G: 18 PCS / B: 16 PCS / W: 37 PCS
LED type
240 W (ca. 50,000 Operating Hours)
Refresh rate
800 – 25000 Hz
Beam Angle: 17 ° – 53 °, Field Angle: 30 ° – 87 °
200 mm Fresnel
DMX input
DMX output
DMX mode
10-channel CCT, 10-channel HSI, 14-channel, 3-channel CCT, 3-channel HSI, 4-channel, 7-channel CCT, 7-channel HSI, 8-channel, 9-channel
DMX Functions
CCT, Colour macros, Device Settings, Dim to Warm, Dimmer, Dimmer Curve, Dimmer Fine, Hue Saturation, RGBW, RGBW Fine, strobe
Standalone modes
Loop, Master / Slave mode, Static
3 x Encoder Knobs, 4 x Buttons
OLED Display
Operating voltage
100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption
250 W
power factor
0.95 / 230 V, 0.99 / 120 V
Power connector
TRUE1 Compatible Power I/O Socket
Housing material
Die-cast aluminium
Cabinet colour
Protection class IP
Comination of Heat Pipe and Temperature Controlled Fan
Luminous flux
6500 lm
27 lm/W
Color temperature
1600 – 6500 K
Ambient temperature (operating)
-15 – 45 °C
9 kg
Accessories (included)
8-way barndoor, gel frame, Power cord

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