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Cameo AZOR® W2 Compact Wash Moving Head

Compact Wash Moving Head

  • Cameo AZOR® W2 Compact Wash Moving Head je vsestranska osvetlitvena naprava, ki kljub kompaktni velikosti ponuja zmogljivo wash osvetlitev in dinamično krmiljenje barv.
  • Idealna je za različne uporabnike, od profesionalnih razsvetljevalcev na odrih in prireditvah do manjših studiev in klubov.


Cameo AZOR® W2 Compact Wash Moving Head

  • 7 x 40 W RGBL LED with 3,600 lm luminous flux
  • Zoom range: 4° – 50°
  • Single pixel control of all 7 LEDs
  • Eclipse Burst Effect* for strobe and pixel effects
  • Selectable PWM frequencies up to 25 kHz for flicker-free operation
  • iDMX stick input for wireless DMX connection
  • OLED display with 4 buttons

All information is provisional

Every year, countless artists, bands, actors and presenters stand on small to medium-sized stages and need light! For all these events, Cameo has developed the AZOR® W2. The compact wash moving head is the ideal partner for lighting designers and event service providers who are looking for a powerful and versatile LED show light that does not lack professional features despite its compact size.

Offering 7 x 40W RGBL LEDs with a total output of 3,600 lm and a zoom range of 4° – 50°, the AZOR® W2 holds a secret. The real magic lies in its discreet feature – the Eclipse Burst Effect. Behind a dark filter, this innovative addition introduces 4 segment SMD-LEDs, creating captivating strobe and pixel effects. Paired with single-pixel control, the AZOR® W2 promises an audience experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Thanks to the adjustable PWM frequency (650 Hz – 25 kHz), the AZOR® W2 is also suitable for use in TV and broadcast applications as well as wherever a camera transmits the action and is dependent on flicker-free LEDs in the picture.

The compact wash moving head can be controlled via DMX512, RDM or wirelessly via W-DMX using the optional Cameo iDMX stick. On the wash light itself, buttons and an OLED display provide a convenient basic setup.


Illuminant type LED, RGBL
Illuminant power 40 W
Luminous flux 3,600 lm
Exchangable lens No
Exchangable optics No
Zoom range 4 – 50 °
Dimmer resolution 16 Bit
Dimmer curves Exponential
Power mode Standard

Colour mix functions RGB
LED colours Blue
Correlated color temperature
2,200 – 6,800 K
Halogen simulation
Calibration RAW

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