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Baterija AAA / LR03 1,5V Varta Industrial

Baterija AAA / LR03 1,5V Varta Industrial profesionalna baterija za profi uporabnike


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Baterija AAA / LR03 1,5V Varta Industrial

Best quality made in Germany with up to 10 years storage time
Continuous quality improvements guarantee an oustanding performance
Specific OEM packaging for easy processing
Maintains its voltage longer than any other industrial cell on the market
Ideal for standby or pulse discharge with high discharge currents
Hermetically sealed against leakage
Cost savings due to high durability
Leak-proofed and certified according

Stalno strmenje za kvaliteto daje VARTA baterijam prednost pred konkurenti
Ohranja lastno napetost dlje kot primerljive baterije na trgu
Certifikati: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 in DIN EN ISO 1 4001:2004, LR03

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