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Audac M2 Matrični mikser / Multimedia digital mixer

Matrix Mixer / Signal Processor

  • 8ch mic/line vhodov / 8ch analog izhodov


Digitalni multimedia matrični mikser matriks, matrix

M2 je multimedijski avdio distribucijski sistem, ki ponuja neverjetno prilagodljivost in veliko možnosti.
Lahko obvlada raznoliko paleto vhodnih signalov in ima dovolj moči DSP za uporabo najsodobnejših filtrov, efektov in drugih možnosti.
Na splošno je M2 digitalni avdio mešalnik 9 x 8, ki temelji na 11 zmogljivih DSP procesorjih. Je popolnoma digitalno nadzorovan prek vmesnika spletnega brskalnika, Opcijsko zaslona na dotik, zidnih komand in aplikacij za Android ali IOS.
Uporaba aplikacije AUDAC Touch™ za pametne naprave zagotavlja popoln nadzor in konfiguracijo sistema iz katere koli naprave na kateri koli lokaciji in kadarkoli.

Povezava na uradno spletno stran . LINK


Dodatne Informacije


The following figure shows an example of how an M2 could be used in a residential application. Sources such as a XMP44 Professional modular audio system are available. The M2 is controllable using one of the multiple wall panels or, wirelessly, through the Audac Touch app or web interface. In this example the integrated voice file is being used as a doorbell.


Below we can see an example setup using three matrix units in a medium-sized business.

First of all there is the main offices building with its own matrix, four XMP44 Professional modular audio system. Each zone in the building has its own local DW5066 wall panel for adjusting their zone settings according to their own preference or adding their own music sources to the system. A paging console is positioned near the front desk.

The warehouse has paging consoles setup across the building for easy communication between various parts of the supply and processing chain. Paging calls can be made globally or to specific departments. Local music choice and volume can be edited using DW3020 panels.

Finally the meeting room and its surrounding offices have a more advanced setup. Not only does the room have a powered M2 connected with two wall panels and a microphone, a paging console is also setup to control lighting, projection and window blinds using an ARJ and ARU relay system. Computers throughout the building allow authorised personnel to access the matrix unit’s advanced options.