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Adam Hall 3 STAR CD 10 PWR Napajalni kabel na kolutu 10 m

Power cable drum | 10 m

Adam Hall 3 STAR CD 10 PWR napajalni kabel na kolutu bo nepogrešljiv pri delu z električnim orodjem ali kadar morate uporabiti električno energijo kadar ni v bližini vtičnice!

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  • Lightweight, handy cable drum
  • 10 m mains cable with Schuko plug
  • 4 Schuko sockets with overheating protection and child-proof lock
  • Ergonomically shaped carrying handle
  • Max. Load capacity: 3,200 W (230V)
  • Max. Load capacity (rolled up): 1,100 W (230V)

This small and handy cable drum is assembled with 10 m power cable with a jacket made of PVC (H05VV-F), and comes with 3 x 1.5 mm² inner conductor cross-section. The ergonomic handle and the overall weight of only 1.5 kg, such as the solid drum body make this little friend a good companion in your daily life.